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Services and Rates

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Swedish Massage- 30 min/ $30 60 min/ $60   90 min $80

                               120 min/$120

      This type of massage is designed for relaxation using long smooth movements.  It is great for releasing muscle tension and stress increasing overall health and wellbeing.


Integrative Massage- 30 min/ $30  60 min/ $60  90 min $80

                                   120 min/$120

      This type of massage draws on multiple massage modalities to create a massage tailored to the clients needs.  It can help with stress, range of motion, muscle pain and many other issues.  During the pre-session consultation we will discuss your concerns and tailor a session to address the issues you are having.  This gives us the flexibity to meet your needs.



Chair Massage- $1/ minute

            Need a quick pick-me-up or needing some quick relaxation we can do a chair massage in as little as 15 minutes.  Stop in and we can give you a massage that can be relaxing or exhilerating depending on your needs.  It can even be a great lead in to getting your chiropractic adjustment if you are the office to see Dr. Christina.


Relaxation Party

                 We are currently booking dates for our relaxation parties.  You host the party for at least three of your friends and family.  Serve some wine and cheese or other snacks.  Maybe watch movies, have a game night or just relax and chat.  While your doing that our therapist will be in another room providing a 60 minute massage for each participant.  If you’re the host your massage is free.  The other participants pay our normal 60 minute Swedish price.  Please ask about this offering for available dates and other information.






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