David Mitchell Therapeutic Massage

You are my most important client

Driving Directions

From Johnson City or I81

Take I26 north to exit 1 (Stone Drive).  At the end of the Ramp take the right fork and  head East on West Stone Drive.  You will go through 3 traffic lights and then take your first st to the right Donalson Drive.  You will be turning beside Andrew Jackson Elementary and Freedom Firearms.  Go to the stop sign at the bottom of the hill and turn right.  David Mitchell Therapuetic massage is in a small white house in the second parking lot on the the right.


From Kingsport

Get onto Sullivan and head west.  You will take Sullivan past the New office building where the School Board offices are.  Just after that Sullivan will curve to the left and run into Lynn Garden Drive.  We are in the parking lot on the curve.  So don't take the curve.  Instead pull into the parking lot.  We are in the small white house on the right.  

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